Theme missing from the market

A while back in LS market was a premium theme for 1.0, I don't remeber how it was named but it had a cool feature to change in frontend between light version and dark version(called turn off the light)…

Anybody knows what happened to it?

Change Synio sharing plugin?

As far as I've seen Synio uses Yadex.ru app to share topic on various social communities. Since I'm not an russian and for me is a bit difficult how can I change it with AddThis or something similar?

Hope someone can give me a little help. Don't want to bother with silly question but I didn't find it that easy like on other templates(an example Simple for 0.5)

Manage my users?

How can I manage my LS site users? In 0.5.1 it was Ace Admin Panel for all that stuff but it doesn't work with 1.0
If someone doesn't receives an confirmation email I don't even know how to activate his account manually… :(

Livestreet 1.0 and theme update?

Since LS 1.0 launched I began my journey with this platform and been overly enthusiastic but I didn't seen any themes updates since then. I know, in most of the cases waiting means something good is coming but i'm tired of it.

Since I like Light Blue, Banana Brownies and Simple, if someone could tell me what changed in LS 1.0 core over 5.1 I'll try and update them myself.

Many thanks.

Problems regarding search on livestreet

I'm testing Livestreet carefully before it can be my main site and after all the fuzz, my discoveries and community help only one thing I didn't solved. I saw that serch on my site doesn't returns the serches, does nothing and after some reading discovered that LS needs Sphinx for that.

I have a hosting plan with 256 mb of ram available, I can install it or Sphinx is too brutall for a shared hosting?
If I can how do I do it? I didn't fiind a single explanatory installation guide on the internet and I'm not to experimented on this :(

New Livestreet 1.0?

Will be an 1.0 release anytime soon?
Will be great as I see it packs alot of new features. With better support for English(some core infos and plugin/templates instructions are hardly translatable in a corect manner with Google), user roles on the admin(to chose wether the new users will have the ability to read and post coments or to be full members and also post topics, polls...) and also to be able to activate the themes like plugins from the admin panel and this could be exceptional.