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There are different methods to Test a urine sample; in general lines and Based on the analysis method used, the study of urine Could be classified into:

Analysis of a small urine sample using a test strip inserted into the sample. It is done in the same consultation. Results are obtained in 5-10 minutes. It's used as a screening test since it provides basic info. Used to rule out or confirm pregnancy, detect urine disease, diabetic decompensation…

Urine sediment
The urine sample goes through a centrifugation process from which the fluid content of the urine is split (which can be lost for this study), from the strong content it will be analyzed with the support of a microscope. It allows detecting the existence of leukocytes in the urine or other compounds like red blood cells, bilirubin, sugar or microproteins, among others, that are generally not found or are observed at very low levels and whose presence would make us suspect that the presence of a pathology that must be studied later with specific technique

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