Problems regarding search on livestreet

I'm testing Livestreet carefully before it can be my main site and after all the fuzz, my discoveries and community help only one thing I didn't solved. I saw that serch on my site doesn't returns the serches, does nothing and after some reading discovered that LS needs Sphinx for that.

I have a hosting plan with 256 mb of ram available, I can install it or Sphinx is too brutall for a shared hosting?
If I can how do I do it? I didn't fiind a single explanatory installation guide on the internet and I'm not to experimented on this :(

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I think, you can solve your problem in two ways: ask your hosting company to install Sphinx specially for you or use some plugins, which you can find in official LiveStreet repository, for examlple, this.

If you have questions, we are will be glad to help you.
Uh I see. Sphinx looks complicated enough in this situation… I thought it's something like 5 step installation wordpress
LiveStreet and Wordpress are different enough.

LiveStreet is better for experienced users, who know, what and why they are doing.

IMHO, LiveStreet is something more than CMS, maybe, it is almost full-featured framework, specially made for people, who want to build they own social network; Wordpress is just most comfortable CMS for single-user blogs.

As far as I know, Sphinx search engine works well even on cheap servers with minimimal amount of RAM, but VPS-servers are more expensive, than ordinary web hosting. That's why if you need quality — you have to pay for it.
I know… I was just saing innitially I thought Sphinx installs in «5 steps» like any other common script :)
For now I think I'll buy that plugin and stick with it as it's the only one updated for LS 1.0 and for default solution with Sphinx, I'll think about It later when I will upgrade from shared to VPS.
Unfortunately, Sphinx is a little more complicated thing, than you thought :) I wasted some days trying to install it, it was like a hell )
WP search technology is completely different from the one used in LS. If u're going to use search on a shared hosting, consider using search plug-in from the message above. Sphinx is designed for (high-load) indexed search, and requires some server configuration as well as some more resources.

either way, 256mb plan is too tight for LS.
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